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UF technology



Deriving from hemodialysis technology, people made a type of empty fiber around which is a multitude of threads. These threads look like fluff with pores having tiny sizes 0.1 and 0.02 micron. Water penetrated into the core of the fiber through the fluff like in capillary, therefore dust and bacteria shall be retained on fluff rather than penetrating into the core of the fiber.

These hollow fibers will be bent into U-shape, water penetrates from outside to inside of the core. With a large number of hollow fibers that constitute so much fluff allowing the filter element to have a very good filtration capacity.

Warning: This technology is not able to remove ions so it can’t remove toxics such as heavy metals. This UF technology has been experimented and approved by United Nations. It is being used in more than 70 nations in the world. All filter elements using fibers with the UF hollows are very compact, easy to use, reliable, cheap. Besides, they have a very high durability and don’t need a water tank.